20 Farmhouse Bathroom Faucets UNDER $100

Do you want a quick way to give your bathroom an inexpensive facelift? Don’t go grab your sledgehammer and get all crazy pants on me. Let’s talk simple, how about changing some hardware? You’ll be amazed at how simple switching out your bathroom faucet hardware can dramatically improve the look of your space. It also can be done at a relatively low cost too.

When I renovated my master bathroom in 2016, I designed the entire thing in two days. I measured everything multiple times, searched for things I liked in my budget and then ordered everything online (yes from my couch… don’t judge me!) But truthfully, this lets me select the best designs at the lowest prices (and using Coupon Cabin or Ebates or as it’s known now as Rakuten helps too!) My favorite part was when the contractors came to install everything, their first comment was,“Wow, expensive taste! This is Restoration Hardware isn’t it?” (Insert the most devilish and satisfying laugh here!!) 

No friend, it LOOKS like RH, but it’s totally not. It’s 1/8 of the price! To this day, I get compliments on my hardware in my master bathroom. It is so worth it.

So go ahead, ditch the builders grade gold plated nonsense for these beautiful farmhouse bathroom faucets. The best part, they’re super inexpensive. I mean less than $100, you can’t go wrong!

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As you can see here, there are plenty of options out there that are not only affordable but gorgeous!

I won’t lie either, when I was finding all these options out there, I really fell in love with all the brass hardware now on the market. I dare say it’s the strongest trend in hardware right now. It might be time for a quick flip of my own!

antique vintage brass faucet

Whether you like rubbed oil or brass, there is a fixture out there for you. The farmhouse bathroom faucet style options rock right now too! I’m certain you’ll find a farmhouse bathroom faucet that speaks to you and your unique design style.

Last little reminder, the most valuable place to invest upgrades in your home is your kitchen and bathrooms! You only stand to gain on this investment so it is money well spent!

Till next time lovelies!



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  1. Hi, Maria. I really liked what you have done with your bathroom. The golden-colored faucet just looks fabulous and extremely rich. I really like this article. These faucets look really very amazing. I don’t feel like moving my eyes from these lovely faucets. They are truly eye-catching. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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