26 Modern Farmhouse Style Sofas For Everyone

When I first moved, one of the first things I needed to purchase was a large sofa for the main living space.

If you’ve been  here before, you’re aware of my love for light and airy living spaces. I’m a neutral lover, decorating with tans, khaki’s and whites since… forever! 

Wanna know what’s really hard? Talking yourself out of a light colored sofa because you live on a farm with 5 dogs!

Here are 26 of the most modern farmhouse sofas and sectionals on the market. I adore this collection!

There’s a little but of something for everyone… in every budget.$

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As my décor taste has evolved, I am learning to love other colors. I’ve been modernizing my farmhouse style with deep greens and black too add to the vintage feel more than true rustic farmhouse. 

Not sure how you’d categorize that style, but I’m going with it!

I certainly hope that this collection of sofas and sectionals really give you some decor inspiration! 

Till next time friends!




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