10 of the Best Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

It’s officially winter here on the farm. If you’re as lucky as I am, you have a warm fireplace to snuggle up to. Thankfully, I have a beautiful cast iron wood burning stove to do just that! However, with burning wood, I’m constantly in need for firewood. Thus, I needed a good indoor firewood storage solution.

While hunting around for firewood storage solutions, I decided to put together a post of some of my favorite pieces that are perfect for any home decor and/or style.

Looking for a simple modern storage solution? Look no further.

This metal firewood storage rack is sleek and offers lots storage! Additionally, the powder coated metal frame is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The biggest bonus of this piece is that it can be fully customized! Plenty of color options, you can also change the size to meet your needs. 

This seller really aims to please! Feel free to message and design your very own to suite your needs.

This simply majestic tower will certainly meet your decor needs. Standing 48″ tall and 16.5″ wide, this tower offers plenty of storage space too! Offered in 3 beautiful color options; black, pewter, and my personal favorite brass.

Constructed from metal and powder coated, this piece is sure to stand up to daily use. Pottery Barn also offers matching screens and tools to complete your entire look.


Looking for something budget friendly? Look no further than this beautiful waxed canvas log carrier. Offering a simple yet practical way to transport your firewood inside and store it without making a fuss.

This sturdy carrier comes in 3 beautiful colors option. Not only is it the most simplistic storage solution, it’s also the most practical.

This beautiful brass indoor firewood storage solution is chic and modern. Again, you know how much I love my antique brass!

Providing ample storage, this unique looking piece is guaranteed to bring style to your mantel decor.

This handwoven seagrass utility basket is a perfect for indoor firewood storage. This basket comes in a verity of sizes and shapes, however, this one is my favorite!

Depending on your space needs, this vertical storage solution may be just what you’re looking for.

Love supporting small businesses? Look no further! This product comes with two functional parts. First, this rugged waxed canvas carrier and full cowhide handles allows you to easily carry your wood. The second part is a sturdy black metal frame to holds the carrier and your wood. 

This amazingly crafted carrier and rack is not only beautiful to look at, it’s also functional. Use it in the house, car or camper. No need to worry about storage, this bad boy has your covered!

Looking for a more minimalist look for your firewood storage? Let me recommend this beautifully crafted iron circle for your storage needs.

The addition of the shelf allows you to divide smaller kindling from larger pieces, satisfying your organization needs! Providing plenty of storage space, this piece is guaranteed to be a fabulous addition to your home.

Do you want a less obvious way to store your firewood indoors? This rustic farmhouse wooden trunk is the perfect solution. 

It stands 14″ tall and is 28″ wide, it’s not too cumbersome. This trunk allows you to bring your firewood inside and store in a less obvious way. Coming in 3 different color options, this trunk is sure to match your current farmhouse decor.

Lacking floorspace? This is a great storage solution for those smaller spaces or for someone who doesn’t like clutter around the front of a fireplace. 

This metal wall mounted firewood storage rack gives a great industrial look while giving you plenty of storage. Reasonably priced and fully customizable, this storage rack is a great functional piece.

Maybe you don’t need a large firewood rack, or don’t have the space. Check out this small industrial inspired firewood storage rack. Standing at 18″ tall, this pint sized piece is perfect for smaller spaces.

The finer details of this piece makes it not only functional but decor worthy as well.

Since moving to the farm, I utilize our wood burning stove to survive the winter! It burns around the clock, this means I go through a lot of firewood. I spend most days bringing in wood and stoking the fire. The wood pile is endless!

To satisfy my organization fetish, I really wanted to find a good indoor firewood storage solution. Sometimes function needs to meet your decor needs too. 

I hope these 10 indoor firewood storage pieces inspire you and meet your functional decor needs.

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