Crochet Cast Iron Handle Cover and Potholder

I’ll admit, I was never a fan of cast iron when I began cooking. I just couldn’t get excited about it. Everyone swears by them, but I couldn’t manage to keep them clean (and how the heck do you clean them?)

However, after learning about all the benefits of cooking with cast iron, I’ve begun to embrace my cast iron. I inherited two cast iron skillets over the years. They are well seasoned, chemical free, and very resilient once I learned how to care for them. 

I must say, the biggest issue I had with my cast iron was learning that the damn handle gets HOT! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed that handle, cursed a bunch, and then ruined a clean dish towel to get it on and off the stove. Well, no more my friends. I’m here to share with you my solution. 

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It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you use only 100% Cotton Yarn. Acrylic and other blends will melt! Please make sure you choose the correct yarn for this project!

I used Sugar N’ Cream brand in the color “red” for this project, but I would also recommend Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton. If you’re looking for different color options while still using quality yarn. 

supplies needed to make crochet a potholder and a cast iron skillet holder

Important Notes:

  • Again – 100% Cotton Yarn ONLY!

  • The loop on your hook does not count as a chain/stitch.

  • At the end of each round, the stitch count is in parenthesis ( ).

  • I used two strands of yarn to increase the thickness. If you want to do a singular strand, decrease the hook size accordingly.


Magic Ring 

CH – chain stitch

SC – single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

DC – double crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

BLO – back loop only

Sk – skip stitch

I linked each of the stitches to video demonstrations. For those beginners out there.

Cast Iron Handle Cover

  • Round 1: Make magic ring. Crochet 6 SC into ring and sl st to complete. Pull the tail tight to close the circle.(6)
  • Round 2: CH 1, *2 SC into first stitch, SC in next stitch* sl st to complete round (9)
  • Round 3: CH 1, *2 SC into first stitch, SC in next two stitches* sl st to complete round (12)
  • Round 4: CH 1, HDC in each stitch, sl st to complete round. (12)
  • Repeat Round 4 until the cover is 1/2″ shorter than the length of your cast iron handle (approx. 5-6″ long)

Finishing the Handle:

  • Round 5: CH 1, SC in each stitch, sl st to finish round. (12)
  • Round 6: CH 1,  SC in BLO around, sl st to finish round. (12)
  • Finish off and weave in tails using yarn needle

Now that you’ve completed your handle, you can add a piece of leather at the end of your handle for useful storage.


If you’re new to the thermal stitch, it’s often called the “double thick crochet stitch” because it creates a thickness optimal for potholders as well as soles for slippers. If you’re unfamiliar with this stitch, check out Nicole Riley’s tutorial on how to perform this stitch. She’s got a great video, for those who are more visual.

  • CH 17
  • Row 1: SC in each stitch, turn (17)
  • Row 2: CH 1, BLO SC across, turn (17)
  • Row 3: CH 1, thermal stitch across, turn (17)
  • Repeat row 3 for 13 rows
  • Finish off ends

Once your potholder is finished, you can choose to add a little piece of leather as a nice finishing touch. Your choice. 

crochet potholder and cast iron skillet holder

I have to say, these little guys have saved my hands more than a time or two. I often use my cast iron in the oven so having the potholder and handle cover help bigtime! That sucker gets hot and can be heavy too.

This set also make a great gift for those cast iron lovers in your life! 

crochet potholder

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Crochet Cast Iron Handle Cover and Potholder


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