Printable Wifi Password Sign
for Your Guest Bedroom

How many times have you had guests over and you cannot remember your wifi password? For me, it’s always written on a piece of paper that seems to have grown legs and walked away.

I have the solution! Today, I’m sharing how I solved this little problem in my home. I decided I was going to post the password right in the guest bedroom! Now, I consider that problem solving at its best. 

I created this cute little sign using this vintage typewriter and some rustic fonts. I wanted everyone to have options, so there are two versions you can use in your own home.

Once I made the sign, I headed over to Homegoods and picked up this cute little frame for $7.99. I fell in love with this white ornate frame. 

However, I think it falls a little flat being solid white. I bought it anyhow because I knew I could work my magic with a little chalk paint and some colored wax. 

This little man, always my helper. Duncan is such a camera hog!

With that said, I grabbed my favorite chalk paint. This paint is so easy to work with and sticks to almost any surface without priming or sanding. Be that as it may, if you’re finding it is not adhering to a surface, a little Rust-Oleum Zinsser 123 Primer will do the trick. 

I say all this because this because I quickly realized this little frame needed a primer for the chalk paint to adhere correctly. I sprayed a quick coat of primer and gave it 20 minutes to dry. After it was dry to the tough, I grabbed my Annie Sloan’s “Duck Egg” blue and applied two coats.

After the base coats were dry to touch, I used a brush and “dry brushed” on some Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to highlight the details of the frame. This technique accents all the little details in this frame. All in all this project took a little over an hour to complete.

After the frame was complete, I printed the sign on 8×10 card stock paper. The image is easily adjustable so make sure you set yours to the desired size before you hit print.

Using the glass from the frame, I marked an outline as a guide for cutting. I used my paper cutter to trim the excess. 

Now, I just need to remember my dang password!

Today, I’m happy to give you complete access to my free printable wifi password sign! That’s right… I said FREE! One of my favorite words.

I have formatted it a PDF file that will print directly to a 5×7 frame. Like I described above, it is easy to scale the image prior to print if you have a smaller or larger frame. Most print windows give you this option. You also can import it into Microsoft Word and scale accordingly.

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I really hope you guys enjoy and can use this sign in your own home. 

Cheers till next time!



free wifi password printable


6 thoughts on “Printable Wifi Password Sign for You Guest Bedroom”

  1. This is not working. I received the email, entered in the password and it took me back to this page. Cannot get the actual printable file

    1. Lisa,

      There’s a link and the password is at the bottom of the welcome email in bold. I hope that helps. Email me if not and I will gladly help.


    1. Janet,

      You should have an email in your inbox. Check for my welcome message and the password is in there! If not message me at [email protected] and I will send it to you directly. Sorry for the inconvenience.



    1. I just resent you your welcome e-mail. Check your spam. It should be titled “Welcome (your name)!” Scroll down the email 3/4 of the way and it will be in all caps! If not please email me at [email protected], and I will send it to you directly! Thank you for reaching out.



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