DIY Towel Holder with Shelf

Simple Towel Holder

Hey ya’ll! Here’s a little project I threw together this weekend. I needed a quick solution for my hand towel in my master bathroom. I didn’t want to spend anything honestly but I had hit Hobby Lobby’s 50% off sale last weekend and found this pretty little hook! A total of $1.99 for the hook, some left over wood… this whole project took me 40 minutes and less than $5 to complete! 

I put together this DIY to show you how simple it was to make this towel holder with a shelf.

Simple Towel Holder Plans


  • 1×8
  • 1×2 trim
  •  Minwax Wood Stain Espresso
  •  1 1/4 inch wood screws
  • Hook


  • Miter Saw
  • Orbital Sander
  • Drill
  • Air Compressor/Nail Gun

The Cuts

I’m not giving dimensions for this project because I honestly didn’t measure once! {My favorite kinds of projects.}

I cut the long 1×8 piece first. It’s approximatly 21″ give or take. I then eyeballed the shelf size. I didn’t want it sticking out too much. I also needed to considered the size of the trim. I made two cuts, once for the shelf size and once to accommodate for the trim. I stacked the trim and drew a quick mark. {Yay! No math!}

After those the shelf was cut, I just needed to cut the trim out of 1×2. Three quick cuts and I was done! Make sure the front piece is the longest! This gives a more finished look. 

Once all the pieces were cut, a quick sand with my orbital sander and I was ready to assemble!


**Disclaimer: I blew through making this project I really didn’t stop to think about taking more photos! I completely apologize. I’ll do my best to describe the process.**

First, I predrilled three holes, drilling from the back of the large piece of 1×8″ into the shelf. Make sure your shelf is level before fully tightening the screws. Next, using a nail gun, I attached the trim to the shelf using 3/4″ nails. Told you, super quick and easy.

The Finishing Touches

Once Assembled, I used Minwax Wood Stain Espresso for the finish. One quick coat did the trick. Lastly, I attached the hook with some 3/4″ wood screws. {I’ll touch them up with some chalk pain and they’ll blend right in.} 

The trim overhangs enough to prevent whatever item you have from sliding off. Perfect because I am the queen of breaking stuff! {Totally by design I swear.}

The shelf fits right into my the rest of my bathroom decor! This cute little rabbits foot fern fits perfectly on the shelf too! I hope he loves his new spot. 

Happy building ya’ll! 



Simple Towel Holder

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