Simple Farmhouse
Window Treatments

When I bought my home, I had NO clue how expensive window treatments could be. This is one home decor area I am always looking for chic yet inexpensive way to get around. One of my favorite window treatments I have in my house is located in my bathroom. Let me tell you, it was the most simple to create. Best of all, it was ridiculously inexpensive! I managed to make the entire thing for less than $25!

farmhouse window treatment

The backstory to this project… I had just gone through a large change in my life, finished putting a new roof on my home and quickly discovered there was significant water damage to one wall in my bathroom. Things happen in threes, right? As I was trying to figure out how to pay for all this as a solo {single women, it’s OK you will manage to make it work!} I needed a quick answer to the naked window in this new space. Didn’t need my poor neighbors getting a show every time I used my new shower! So I went on the hunt for a cheap and cheerful window treatment to really finish off the room.

Inspiration for this project came from Laura at She had a lovely solution for shower curtains using an old piece of wood and sheer curtains. Voila! All the help I needed.

What You'll Need



  •  Stud Finder

  • Impact Driver/Cordless Drill

  • Level

  • Tape Measure

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farmhouse window treatment build

I think the hardest part of this project was finding the perfect old, weathered and aged board. I just happened to have a board from an old pallet I dismantled a few years prior and was just waiting for the right project. Now, I’ve seen old wood advertised on Craigslist, on The Facebook Marketplace, and at my local salvage store. Just in case you don’t have your own perfect board sitting around.

After searching for a while looking for inexpensive sheer tab curtains, Amazon was my best option. Knowing the curtains I ordered had 7 tabs each; I made sure I ordered at least 7 hooks. Measuring the board, I made sure I spaced them somewhat equally. Lets be honest I HATE math I tried to visually measure out evenly spaced placement of the hooks, I wont lie, I didn’t measure these out to the 1/8th of an inch. Visual guessing was OK for me.

Oh Duncan, he’s always my biggest helper and invader of my personal space.

hooks with sheer tab curtains

Once the hooks were all fixed to the board, I needed to find my studs over the window. I realized that they were not very even consistent. Nothing in this house seems to be when I need it! Going with it, I decided exposed screws would add to the farmhouse/industrial look. So drilling right into the studs from the front of the board, I attached the board flush to the wall.

Maria Louise Design

Taking a little inspiration from french window treatments, I decided to cross the sheers, providing more coverage and giving me this look I absolutely LOVE!

I promise I will get better photos up once we get some sunshine! It’s been almost impossible to get good shots here recently in the less than ideal lit places in my home.

Hope you everyone gains a little inspiration from this post. Please share your favorite window treatments. I can’t wait to see what you guys have come up with.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!


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farmhouse window treatment


149 Comments on Simple Farmhouse Window Treatments

    • Lina,

      The window is 48″ wide and the curtains I bought were 96″ long but keep in mind my window is not a floor length window.


  1. Thank you for this amazing g inspiration. I just finished my own version of this in my living room and LOVE it! Softens my room big time!

  2. Hi! Im very new at decorating and your window is just beautiful. I live in a mobile home, 8 ft ceiling with a double window in the living room. The windows are totally trimmed all the way around seperately with 3 to 4 inches seperating the two windows. Each window is about 39.5 inches wide and total across both windows are 89. How would you apply your look to my windows? Hope this isnt to confusing lol

    • Jenny,

      I’m so happy you love this look. For your window I would suggest getting 4 curtains (2 pairs). I would use enough hooks to give yourself a little give in between each tab. So when you order your curtains do some quick math to make sure you have enough hooks for the tabs! Not all curtains are created the same. 🙂 Then do a little layering/overlapping to cover the entire window. This should give you a beautiful full look.

      That’s how I would do it! Get creative!! Some sheer panels are pretty wide, so find the widest and longest ones you can find. Enjoy the process, don’t be afraid to fail lovely… you may just fly!



  3. I forgot to say your dog is making the look my husband makes when I start ‘mearuring in my mind’ rather than working it out with tape measure, pencil and paper!

    • Angie,

      I dear! Well I am honored you’re choosing these window treatments in your new decor plans! And trust me… the dog does better math than I do! 😀

      Happy measuring, hanging and decorating your space! Thanks for the lovely comment.



  4. As soon as I get done painting this setup is next. I have never really decorated my house in 20 years since we had a fire. I lost a lot of Decor and have never really wanted any pretties in the house since that happened nothing really seemed important any longer after seeing it all melted and smeared to ash. Anyway I think it’s time to start making my house happy and welcoming. This curtain display definitely says all that and more. Can’t wait to go for it!

    • Thanks for your kind words dear! The width of the board is approx 8″ wide and 3/4″ off the wall (thickness). I hope that helps!


  5. I abdsolutely love this ! I have a large bay window 95” to be exact so i readall comments and was trying to see I anyone tried this in a larger window. I’m going to go for it!!🤞🏻🤞🏻I purchased 4 sheer panels 40” w ea. My plank wood is 8 ft long I ordered a 20pc hook set.. I’m really hoping it works!! If anyone has done this in a largeee window please please share any photo’s thank u

  6. Marie,
    I love your window and the look is the inspiration for my kitchen window over my kitchen sink. Starting that project today. 😉
    Can you please share how you attached the “knotted” sides to the wall?
    Thanks so much,

    • Stephanie,

      Oh, I’m so happy to hear you’re trying these window treatments in your own home! I actually attached the knots to the wall using simple white hooks. I believe I attached a link in the comments previously! These hooks are the ones I used… simple and inexpensive!

      Happy decorating and please #marialouisedesign me in a photo on social media! I’m going to start sharing my followers creations on the bottom of the post!



      • Maria, you are so sweet to reply to everyone’s comments!! Thanks for the fast reply and I apologize that I didn’t see the link for the hooks in that earlier comment. It must get frustrating sometimes to keep repeating yourself. 🥴

        • Stephanie,

          You’re so sweet and truthfully it’s not a problem at all! That’s what I’m here for dear.

          There are a few comments here and I don’t expect anyone to read through them all. Good luck with your window treatments!



  7. WOW! I adore these. I have a guest bathroom and just couldn’t figure out what to do. Luckily, my husband bought some old oak wood boards at an auction years ago and I’m hoping to use one of them. You are amazingly talented and what a beautiful window treatment without the expense. I, too, am in a new home and window treatments can be outrageously expensive. Thank you for the great tutorial. Absolutely Beautiful!

    • Lisa,

      You made my day dear! Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad this window treatment works in your new home! Isn’t it funny how things fall together? Put those old wood boards to great use! I hope it turns out just lovely. Enjoy your new home and all the excitement that goes with it! Please share when you get them up, I’d love to see them!



  8. Love your idea’s. I have double windows in my dining room and bedroom. I’ve been wanting to try this. I gave trim already on my window.what would u do My walls are painted macadam what color sheer do u advise. Thank you for bedroom and dining room. Thank you

    • Kathy,

      Oh paint colors! I tend to go for neutrals so pick your poison. I have “On The Rocks” by Sherwin Williams on the wall in the photos. It’s a neutral gray that runs a little blue in the right light. I would go for a warm neutral if your boards are rich in warmer tones. If your boards are more cool tones, play off that!

      Hope that helps some!



    • Lenore,

      I actually purchased these curtains (because after measuring time and product it was cheaper to buy!) Sorry that wasn’t more helpful!


  9. I love this look!! My window is 52 inches high and it is 31 inches from the floor -what length curtain should I purchase ? Should it hang to the floor? Or bottom of window? Do you think the wood board will look ok mounted over the window trim? I think the curtains will hide the trim

    • Melissa,

      I always try to take the curtains to the floor, with a little “puddle” at the bottom. Try to find curtains that measure an extra 1-2″ beyond where you intend to hang the board. And yes! I think the wood board would look just fine mounted over the window trim. Make sure the board is large enough to be the focal point, it will draw your eye up and away from other trim distractors.

      Thanks for the visit and message hun! I hope your windows look wonderful after you’re makeover!



  10. I love these curtains & I want to do this is my bedroom but I need some help. My window measures 63 L x 74 W. Should I buy 2 tab sheers or 4 ? I didn’t know if I should do like a double window or 1. Can you tell me what sizes to get either way? Thank you.

    • Hello Jenny!

      Personally, I love extra filling with my window treatments. I would plan on doing 2 sheers on each side. The hooks come a plenty if you order through my links so you’ll have enough to run two across the window length. This will keep the tabs from being too stretched and give you a lovely romantic farmhouse look. Also, when buying length, take it from the top to the floor plus a few inches. It will give you a full look and make your window look larger. Always a win!

      Hope that helps!



  11. Love love love this!! I have a question though…. what do you have for trim around the window to begin with? I want to do this for my main level but am afraid the trim I have picked out won’t necessarily match. Thanks!

    • Christine,

      Oh, I’m so happy you love it. I do not have trim on this window. Depending on the elaborateness/style of the trim I would assume you could get away with it. I certainly hope you can because I’m sure an entire level of these flowy curtains would be just beautiful!



      • Christine – I plan to use a white weathered board above our white window trim. I think it’ll look great, an added accent. GREAT idea Maria, ty for sharing. I plan to use it in my 80 yo MIL’s room – I’ve been looking for something pretty, that she won’t trip over.

  12. What are the dimensions of the window you did this with? I’m thinking my bathroom window is a tad smaller. Thanks so much! Love the idea!

  13. Hi I just put my board up about a month ago and I used wooden knobs that I painted and stenciled. I am using my old curtains because I can’t afford to buy new. They didn’t have tabs so I tied a piece of jute around the knob and used curtain clips that I decorated and clipped them from the jute to the curtain. My board is a lot thinner but still looks really good. Just thought I’d share how I did mine. Love how you did yours. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Cherie,

      Oh I LOVE your creativity! The jute and clipping idea is fantastic! I love using what I have over purchasing. Reducing waste and keeping things financially friendly. Thank you so much for sharing. Please send me a photo via email of on social media! I’d love to see it!

      Happy holidays! Cheers,


  14. Maria, I am so very excited about this idea – excellent tutorial! We built a new house, moved in in May 2018, and now are looking into window treatments. I had a professional window designer come give me an estimate on everything we need – a little over $20,000 – yikes!!!! Therefore, I am in the process of DIY or looking for ready-made curtains that look custom! These curtains are absolutely perfect for our master bathroom, which measures 47″ x 47″ and has a clouded, textured window so I don’t have to worry about privacy. Thank you so much for your creativity and for sharing. I will be following your blog from hereon out!

    • Vickie,

      Thank you for such the sweet feedback and kind feedback! Yikes is right! I’d be right there with you, DIYing all the way! I’m so thankful this idea works for your space. I’m also happy to make a new friend! Thanks fo the follow. Feel free to keep in touch as you work on your treatments, and all the new home excitement! Congrats!



  15. Hey!
    What is the length of your curtains? My width is the same as your window, but it’s only about 50 inches tall! Can’t decide if 63” is enough to accommodate the knots without being too short or if 84” will be way too long! Thanks!

    • I went with the 84″ personally, it seems long but those more poof the better! My knots are pretty large (basketball size) so The extra length helps.

      Hope that helps ease your decision making!



  16. Hello!! I absolutely love this look! We have attempted it on our window but can’t figure out how you hook the curtains? It’s seems like yours are twisted giving them the draping look, not sure what we are doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated

  17. I love the look. Just had my house renovated with 4 sets of French doors across the back and numerous ceiling to floor windows downstairs as well as smaller windows upstairs. Do you have any ideas for smaller windows (including dormer casement windows) that could be used together with your attached look? I would appreciate any and all suggestions available.

    • Barbara,

      Your renovation sounds devine! Congrats on all that natural light too. What size windows are your smaller windows hun? Sometimes you can make small windows look larger by making the window treatment oversized, and sometimes that just looks silly! Let me know and I’ll gladly come up with some options.



  18. Thank you for this wonderful idea! I just finished off my sons playroom with these! My brother had some old barn wood I made one that was 100 inches and another 60 inches for the side window. The curtains don’t have the same overlap as yours because I needed to use many more hooks but it looks amazing! Thank you!!!

    How can I share a picture with you?

    • Kristin,

      This makes me so happy!! I’m so excited to see your creativity! I’m not sure about posting a photo in the comments section, but emailing should do the trick. My email is Again, I’m SO glad it worked out for you sweetheart. Can’t wait to see!



  19. How did you get the curtain knots to stay in place? I tried reading through the comments to see if anyone else asked that but there were too many to go through! Thank you in advance for any tips!

    • Danielle,

      I used small hooks similar to these. I screwed them into the wall and looped the knots onto them to hold them in place.

      Hope that helps!



      • That was helpful Maria – I too could not see it cover in the initial post but it’s what I suspected. I’d guess they could be tied back w/ a cord as well w/ the cord attached to those hooks (or some other decorative hooks) – as opposed to tying them. TY for clarifying

      • I love your idea!! What width curtain panel did you use? These are so perfect!! I have smaller windows and one that’s a little bigger but have no idea what size pants to order.

        • I have the 55″ wide curtains. I absolutely them! But a little longer (like the 59″) would work too. Little more full of a look!

          Hope that helps!




    • Bea,
      What a GREAT idea! I love your imagination. You’re right! It would make it less transparent. Thanks for the idea.


  21. I love this idea but I’m trying to figure out how to do this. The width of my window is 72’ and length is 84’. I know I’ll need to double up on the curtains because I cannot find curtains that have that width nor the price is reasonable. Would you let me know how many hooks I would need to fulfill this project if I double up on 40’ width panels.

    • Jennifer,

      I think the answer ends up disclosing itself when you finally find some curtains your love. You’ll need as many hooks as their are tabs. That’s the safest way to go. Then you can determine the spacing once you get your measurements together (o.e. – length of the sheers vs. length of the window.) You can order hooks in large quantities (40+) so you’ll probably have some left over to be honest.

      I hope that helps!


      • So I was wondering if you were able to double up? My window is much larger too about 82” but I’m not sure how the curtains would lay with having the extra curtains? Has anyone done this?

  22. Finally a window treatment I have fallen in love with. Such an easy and economical idea that looks classy. I bought shears a few years ago and haven’t put them up yet because I couldn’t decide what to do. I wanted something I could do myself. Now I just have to decide how I’m going to paint the board. Haha. I’m not sure the natural stain will go with how I’m redoing my dining room. I’m going to paint samples with the stain and one in whitewash. I’m also thinking about using crystal doorknobs or crystal cabinet pulls instead of hooks. The cost will go up, so I may just go with the hooks for now. Your idea has my brain running wild with variations! I love it!

    The wonderful thing about your idea is that it will be so easy to change out the look if I change my decor. I can see myself with a few different boards. (I have to confess, I have a habit of changing things every so often.)

    Thank you for sharing your great idea.

    • Tonya,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Isn’t it the most wonderful thing when you see a simple idea and your creative mind starts flowing with wonderful ideas. You sound like a woman after my own heart. I’m so glad this inspired you! You’ll have to share when you get your look together.



  23. I really love this and am in the process of figuring it out. My windows have blinds so the curtains would need to come out off of the wall about 5” or so. Any suggestions? I’m thinking I could make this a valance of sort.

    • You read my mind. Add a valence of sorts! make a little 2-3″ bracket off the wall to allow for your blinds. Or you could do more a rod and ring curtain and just cross the curtains via the rings. Oh lord, I hope that makes sense. I see it beautifully in my mind! Does that help?


  24. With The curtains being sheer do you really block the neighbors out. It seems like they would still see in maybe not as much detail but still be able to see. I am curious because I have a window I would love to do this with but our window overlooks the neighbors driveways so it would really have to shut them out.

    • Judith,

      Since the curtains are sheer, it most likely wouldn’t block your neighbors view. However, I would look into lace window “treatments” to use on the window itself. It might block out enough light for you. Hop over to Remodelaholic and see what she did with her windows. Or you could use a shade behind the sheers to give you some added privacy. Just match your sheers to your shade color wise.

      Hope that helps!


  25. I absolutely LOVE this beautiful look! Would it work on a window as small as a kitchen window over the sink? That was my first thought as I saw this! My window measures 35″x35″. I can’t wait to try it!

  26. I’m confused on how you mounted curtaains on board for beautiful look! You just put hooks or rings on board then placed ea curtainin ring on every other hook? Then pulled all together & knoted?

    • Just that simple Barb! However, the tabbed curtains are placed on every hook, not every other. So, one hook for every tab. It’s just that simple.


  27. Sorry if you already answered this question. I think you said your window is 48 inches wide? How many panels did you use and what was the width? I did read you would have used longer next time but I am interested in the width in order to overlap the entier window as shown in the picture.

    • Karen,

      I bought a pair of curtains (linked above) so only used one on each side. I would accomodate for a little wider than your window but not too much as the tabs dictate how the panel may lay. Hope that makes sense!


    • Paula, do you mean the large knots? I have them anchored to the wall with small hooks. Just enough to take the tension off them. Hope that helps!


    • Hello! This idea for curtains r awesome.u mentioned u did a double window n u love it. Did u cross them? I have double Windows but no pics to c how they would look. I want to do the criss cross like the pic but I have about 4 inches apart. Wil that look bad. Please help

      • I have done this over a large double window. I didn’t cross them and there is a foot long gap in the center. I think it’s a classic look really! I say go for it!!!


        • Hi, I too have the double window with the center piece and I am trying to visualize the look. Will you post a picture? thank you!!!
          So excited!!

          • Hey Travis,

            I haven’t done one myself… however if someone completes one and sends me a photo I will absolutely update the post and share them!

            Send away!!


  28. Hello! I just finished this project and LOVE IT! Thank you so much! How did you hook the curtains back and tie them at the bottom? Thanks!

    • Hannah, I’m so happy you attempted this project and love it! I used cheap white hooks you find at any big box store, approx. 1″ long. The knots just catch the hooks and rest there.


    • I think I’m confused by your question hun. Both curtains were placed on the hooks via their tabs, then all I needed to do was draw them apart and tie knots! Pretty easy. Hope that answers your question.


      • I’m still trying to get this done! My window is 24w x 61, I can’t seem to find curtains smaller than 40w, can you tell me if that would be okay

        • Yolanda, I feel your pain! What if you increase the overhang on either side of the window to make them appear larger? Also, remember there will be some slack between tabs which will give you a beautiful pleat. Just a thought. I hope it works out!

  29. I love this idea. I am hoping to attempt the same design in my family room. However, I have a sliding glass door to the patio in the same room. Any suggestions for treatments for the door? I am not sure if I could tie off curtains and have them not be in the doorway…

    • That is tricky. What if you didn’t run the hooks along the entire door frame? What if you just did hooks and curtains on each side with a gap in the middle? The middle could have something unique like a sign or something ornate. Something salvaged. Anyhow, that would keep the drape of the curtain out of the way of the slider. Gezz, I hope that makes sense! Let me know what you come up with Jackie!


    • Glynda, I’m so glad you like it! I hope you do and it makes your home that much more beautiful! Thanks for the comment.


  30. I know you posted the width of your window but what is the length. My windows are longer but I’d love to do this.

  31. I love this look! How high above the window did you place your board? I note you mentioned you extended board by 3 inches on each side, I just did not read anywhere how high above the actual window you placed the board. Thanks!!

    • I have approx an inch above the window, not mind you the board is not perfectly straight! I did my best to make it even with a designer eye vs a level. 😀

    • I would double up on the sheer curtains. Does that make sense? So if you run hooks across the top of the wood you’ll have more hooks, more tabs, two sheer curtains per side. I totally think the look would work!


      • Would the middle curtains have to be longer to reach the tie at the bottom? If anyone has down this witha double window I would love to see a pic. Thanks

        • That makes two of us! If someone sends me some photos I’ll put them up at the bottom of the post for all to see.

          I would agree that the curtains would have to be longer, go for the longest you can find!

  32. Can’t wait to try this. Soooo cute! Love that price! Moving into a small cottage style home within the month. This will look great in my bathroom as well. Thanks for the inspiration. I know what you mean about those unexpected expenses, ugh. All at once???? Really! I have shutters on the bottom of the windows since new house is close to neighbor. Think this will be super.

    • Oh Eileen, you’ll have to share your adventures with me! I’m glad you found some inspiration from this post. I would love for you to find me on Instagram or Pinterest so we can keep in touch.

      I’ve been helping a dear friend with his new home and he’s going through the same sorrows. He wants everything to be perfect when he moves in and it’s just not how decor works. Unless you planted a money tree! If you find one, share some seeds! 😀


  33. I’m going to attempt this…its just so pretty! What is the length of your window? I’m Trying to calculate the size I need.

    • Linda,

      Oh I’m so glad you like this look! My window is 48″ wide. I ordered the 84″ curtains to get this look. If I would do it again, I’d order the 96-98″ length to allow for more drape at the ends. I love a good drape! Hope that helps. Happy creating!


    • I have a confession, I tend to obtain and hord old wood. I had this piece from a pallet I dismantled a few years ago. You can try craigslist, facebook marketplace, or an architectural salvage facility to find something similar. I’ve found good pieces with all three sources for other projects I’ve completed in my home.

      Good luck!!

    • Hey there!

      The wall color is “On the Rocks” by Sherwin Williams. It’s a beautiful gray. The window sill is “Pure White” by Benjamin Moore. I LOVE this white and it is everywhere in my house. My kitchen cabinets and all my trim.

    • I think it depends on your decor in that room. It’s a pretty rustic look, but if that’s your home decor then yes! I think the shears would be modest enough you could do a full room. I wish I would have done my living spaces like this. I spent so much on more traditional window treatments and now I’m redoing them all.

    • This window is a little odd. It’s 48″ wide. I gave 3 inches on each side to have some overlap and to draw the eye, making the window look larger! Little design tips and tricks.

  34. I absolutely love this!!! My bathroom is identical and I’m definitely doing this this weekend!! Where did you order those curtains and what length?? Thank you!!!

    • Hey Rachel! Oh I’m SO glad you love this idea! I ordered the 84″ length because it’s a shorter window. If I did it again, I’d go larger to the 96-98″ length. I LOVE full flowing curtains and a good drape at the bottom. Do share when you get your project finished! Happy decorating. XO

  35. Maria,

    I absolutely love this rustic window treatment! What is the width and length of your window? My windows are 44″ wide and I’m not sure I’ll get the same look as the curtain my be to spread out and not sure it would look right.

    Kind regards,

    • Brandi,

      I had this beautiful reply typed and apparently NEVER hit send. My deepest apologies! This window is 48″ wide and I measures 3″ overhang for the board. I think it would work wonderfully for your window!

      • Thank you so much for your reply!! Going to give this a try this coming weekend! I’ll let you know how I make out.

        Kind regards,

  36. I love this. I’ve been trying to find the perfect window treatment for my double window in my dining room and I really like this look. Do you think it will work for a double window? Or will the curtain be too spread out?

    • Kara,

      I’m so glad you love this look. In regards to your question, I think it would totally work! Your idea sounds lovely! You might need to venture into getting two layers of sheers depending on how full you want the look. Let me know how it turns out, I’m excited to see.

    • Anne, on the back side of the knot I used a little hook screwed into the wall to keep the knots in place. Something similar to these. Hope that answered your question!


      • Great question! So I actually used little white hooks you can pick up from from most stores. I got mine here from Amazon because well… I love Amazon! I tied a loose knot and just looped the back onto the hook.

  37. What length of curtain did you order? Or I guess my question is how far pat the window do yours hang before you knotted them.

    • Danielle,

      I ordered 88″ curtains for the extra length. Depends on your window but the longer the better! It’ll let you have a beautiful drape!


  38. I just LOVE this look. I am in the midst of changing my house to a farmhouse look and I am obsessed with this idea. I think it would be fine for a breakfast area too wouldn’t it? Thanks for sharing…I’m on it! LOL!

    • Cathy,

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I think your idea for a breakfast nook sounds delightful. The sheers diffuse the light perfectly. Glad to help inspire. I’d LOVE to see it when it’s done!


      • You’re welcome! I will try to remember to send you a picture! I am fairly good at copying ideas from others and making them look good in my home. . LOL! I might need to start my own blog and call it Copycat Cathy! 😉

        • Oh Cathy! I love it. 😀 There’s nothing wrong with needing a little inspiration. That’s my whole purpose here. I’ve taken others ideas and used them to create different looks in my own home. No shame in that. Happy decorating!

    • Laura,

      Thank you for the kind words! I purchased these but it looks like they’re sold out. Maybe contact the seller and see if they are going to restock?

      Also, you could try these or these, as they are similar to the sheers I used. Similar in price too!

      Good luck and I’d LOVE to see your finished product.



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