Welcome to The Farm Life: I Moved!

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of living on a farm. 

I have had horses most my life, and the goal was always to get to a place where I could move them home. Living on a farm was the ultimate “I’ve made it” goal. I swear I come by the farmhouse decor thing honestly. I have always dreamed of such a home.

Over the years, purchasing a farm to have the horses home, quickly evolved into providing a safe place to retire my show horses. I didn’t want them ending up in a kill pen somewhere when their bodies could no longer be useful to humans. They deserved better than that. With Bravo turning 19 this year, I was quickly realizing I was on a timeline.

In August, some unforeseen circumstances lead me to contact a good friend asking for help. I needed a place to move my horse. My desperate call turned into an opportunity of a lifetime. Bless my friend Holly, who is the best connected and amazing real estate agent ever. I simple spat out the sentence “I hate horse people sometimes, I just need to buy my own place.” Holly promptly replied with, “well, if you’re serious I have just the place!” 

Fueled by frustration and determination I said, “Let’s do this!” So it began, the perfect cascade of events that allowed my mother to sell her house, the lady who owned the farm to find a place after two years of looking, and finally me selling my townhouse. The timing, finances and people needed to make this all work all fell into place as if it were all meant to be. Often we have been told, “it’s never this easy.”

I’m not sure what you believe in, but the universe has its own timing. Everything happens for reasons, and so much about this whole transition was perfect timing. 

The quote of 2021 for me has been “what is meant for you, will find its way to you.” So it has.

Ok, ok… let’s talk details. 

The farmhouse was built in 1988 and resides on 14+ acres of agricultural land in Frederick County Maryland. It has it’s swanky quarks, like pink carpet in the master bathroom, a large intercom system and a household vacuum system. The barn hasn’t been cleaned in… years! It even comes with it’s own critter digging holes and living in the barn. To be determined what type of critter at this time.

The barn has 6 stalls, a wash stall and a grooming stall. The outdoor ring needs rehab and the back field is beautifully large enough to ride in as well. There is a full bathroom, tack room and the barn also has a universal vacuum system! No, seriously.  

So there’s the update. Between packing and moving mom, getting two houses cleaned, staged, listed, sold, packed and moved… I’ve been completely overwhelmed, Hence the radio silence here on the blog.

However, with the sad endings and moving, comes new beginning and opportunity. I can’t wait to start sharing all the new projects and show you all our new additions to our family. 

As always, thanks for following along on all my adventures. I look forward to sharing this new chapter with you all.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to The Farm Life: I Moved!”

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  2. On my what a beautiful property! As a former equestrian myself, I can relate to your comment about horse people- some are just so…ugh! And I agree, these wonderful creatures deserve a happy retirement after years of faithful “service”.
    All good wishes for this next chapter. Life anew with mom will have both challenges and blessings for you both. I’ve been THERE too!
    Finally, goats! What more is there to say? Except many chickens? Lol?
    Enjoy the farm life!

    1. Susan,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I think we’re both learning how to manage the property, animals and each other as we go… people are harder than animals sometimes! We actually are waiting on our order of chickens in May so expect to be bombarded by baby chicks here soon too! <3

      Thanks for following along on our adventures.



    1. Lisa,

      Thank you so much! We are excited to share some of the many things planned for this property. Slowly and surely we’re making improvements… I wish I had more time and money 😀 but I have some cool things lined up to try so we’ll see…

      Thanks for following along!



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