So, I’ve Got a Secret…

Hey fam! I have been working my arse off the last few weeks, putting together a little side project. It’s probably a little early to let the cat out of the bag, but for those who know me… I suck at keeping secrets! 

With that said, I’m so excited to announce… 

A few months ago, I spent countless hours searching for perfect botanical prints online for my new gallery wall. I mean like, forever! During this process, I got an idea. Why not offer beautiful illustrations in digital format for people to print at home? 

I created  The Barnyard Market to provide affordable, vintage inspired, digital art you can download and print at home.. for now! {I have so many other ideas for the future… I can’t wait. Thank God for ADD!}

Here’s how it works, I’ve literally done the hard part for you. I have collection of some of the best illustrations available, edited and formatted them for the perfect print. Who doesn’t love to save time? All you have to do is find your favorite prints and order. Once you purchase, a file is immediately sent to you for download. You can then print the images off your home printer in minutes. Poof! Quick, easy, and affordable home decor!

You can also choose to send them to any professional printing facility. Most files can be resize and printed up to 20×24. The bonus too is you can print them as many times as you want, in any size that you want. And did I mention, they’re super affordable!

Here are some of my favorite images in The Shop:

But wait... there's more!

Today, I’m offering a free printable directly from The Barnyard Market

free farmhouse printable of cow

I’d like you to meet “Rosa.” She is a lovely vintage cow illustration, found in a publication dated from the early 1900s.  Currently, “Rosa” is being offered as a single print, or as a set of 4 prints over at The Barnyard Market on Etsy. 

But right now, I’m offering her for free! Here’s how you can get your copy…

If you are already a subscriber, you should have already received access to your free printable delivered to you in your inbox (or you can access my free library anytime, just click the printable library link with the password that’s at the bottom of all of my emails).

 If not, it’s easy.

Click below to subscribe and get your VIP access to my free library.

This file is formatted to print to 20×16 image. Remember mating will take a little away from the edge of the image. Don’t panic, you will not need to alter the file. It fits into a matted frame just fine!

If you have any questions on how to print files professionally, head over to my post Printable Botanical Art for Your Gallery Wall and follow the detailed instructions.

I invite everyone to head on over the The Barnyard Market on Etsy, and have a look around. I’d love to hear your feedback. If there is any images you’d like to see offered please feel free to message me. I love helping people find that perfect solution for their home decor issues.

I hope you enjoy the free printable of Mrs. “Rosa” and she finds a way into your beautiful home decor. Make sure to follow me on social media, and {please, please, please} make sure to hashtag me.  I love seeing everyone’s photos! Just use the hashtag #marialouisedesign and #TheBarnyardMarket if you post a photo on social media. I’ll make sure to share the photos with everyone to help carry on the inspiration. 

Cheers and happy decorating ya’ll!



free farmhouse printable of cow

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