Printable Botanical Art for Your Galley Wall

Hey darlings. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I feel so productive over here. Two posts in one week {gasp!} but seriously, I’m so excited to share this one with you.

Let’s rewind for a minute here and talk new years resolutions. Ok, I’m like 7 months behind I know, but I’m working on getting to my point. My resolutions for 2018 were to have more houseplants {and not kill them} as well as to actually decorate the walls in this house. 

I have an obsession over these ferns, oh and that big guy in the background too!

I have lived in my home for more than 4 years and very few walls actually have artwork. I have an entire floor in my house without one darn thing hung. I apparently have commitment issues!

So what better to blend my love for plants and my need for wall art – BOTANY PRINTS! I have recently fallen in love with the new trend in botanical prints. Since I have an unhealthy obsession with ferns at the moment, I decided I wanted a gallery wall full of vintage fern prints. However, I found it really difficult to find some that fit my personal style.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There are tons of free resources out there that offer free botanicals. You just have to be willing to do some searching. I went to BioDiversityLibrary to find these prints. It’s a free resource to look up and search through historical books, manuscripts and prints. Personally, I needed to find something that truly represented my vision, and it took me some time to really find these little gems. They were from a European Fern document published in London in 1879-1881. How’s that for vintage?

Ok, I’ll tell you another secret… I love sharing secrets! I managed to print all 6 of these illustrations for $4.64! Yes, you heard me right. I got prints on matte heavy cardstock paper for less than a cup of coffee! {Insert jubilation squeal!!}

My next score were these Belmont Frames in Honey from during one of their awesome sales. I paid $45.66 for all 6 frames with mats included, originally priced at $22.99 a piece! {Never pay full price for picture frames please.} These frames are plastic but honestly you cannot tell unless you touch them. The honey color really brings these vintage prints to life. 

Side note: I wanted to get larger 16x20s frames on this wall, but honestly they were just too big. Sometimes you have to measure, second guess, try it anyhow, buy, return, and repurchase… seriously it happened!

Free Botanical Art

So in summary, I completed this entire project for around $50. Ok, I wont lie… I’m not really committed. I intend to change these little guys out as the seasons change or my mood. I have found vintage farm equipment prints, fall foliage and winter evergreen botanicals as well. This lets me keep my decor in this room more dynamic, which I love. 

If you’ve been following along with me, you’ll notice this little redhead never stops “helping.” He’s always into whatever I’m creating. He doesn’t mind being covered in paint, sawdust, or helping supervise hanging artwork. I think he’s digging this project as much as I am! {Or mentally critiquing my every move.}

Free Botanical Art

I’ve made these prints available to download in my printable library. If you are already a subscriber, you should have already received access to your free printable delivered to you in your inbox (or you can access my free library anytime, just click the printable library link with the password that’s at the bottom of all of my emails).

I have formatted these files to print as 8×10 images. Remember mating will take a little away from the edge of the image. Don’t panic, these guys work perfectly!

Click below to subscribe and get your VIP access to my free library.

Lastly, I wanted you all to have clear instructions on how to print these beauts. I had never used Staples before but the price was too good to resist. I ordered my prints at 10:15 am and by 12:25pm they sent me an email to let me know they were available for pickup. Hello speedy turnaround! Can’t beat that. I also dug that they didn’t use glossy photo paper. I wanted these on matte dense cardstock which is exactly what they provided.

Here’s how you’ll go about ordering your prints…

For same-day/in-store 4×6″, 5×7″, 8×10″ or 8.5×11″ prints: 

  • Select Staples’ ” copy and print services – color” option.
  • Select Add files and upload your jpg images.
  • Select the 110lb. white card/coverstock under Print Options on the left side of the page (second option).
  • Make sure the “fit content to paper” is unchecked when selecting your card/coverstock (at the bottom of the popup box).
  •  Give you Job Name a title and click Add to Cart.
  • When you go pick up your prints, be sure to review them. If there are any issues, the staff should be happy to reprint your order for you. 

Alright, well I really hope this printable makes you as happy as it does me. Make sure you download your free printable now! I hope you enjoy and are inspired. Go be creative!



Free Botanical Printable

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  1. I’m going to do this for the beach house but with seashells! Thanks for the great idea Maria! Love following you!

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