Life’s a Trip: Meet Our New Goats

Did you know a group of goats is called a trip?

Me either… but you know what – my new goats are a trip! Mom has always wanted goats – since forever. When we moved to the farm, one of the first things I worked on was finding goats that would make a great addition to our little homestead.

I researched breeds, personalities, uses, and care. I knew this would be an exciting new venture, but I really had no clue how much I’d love these little suckers!

Let me introduce you to our…. well…. TRIP!

Mae Belle

Meet our alpha. This is Mae Belle, appropriately named after the italian gangster Mae Capone. She is a ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf. We brought her home when she was 8 weeks, and she quickly made me rethink getting goats. She was a screamer! Man she has lungs!

True to her name, this lovely blue eyed doeling is a badass. Mae is ruler of all things goat on this farm. She head butts our little bottle babies to keep them from being too spoiled. Although Mae is one tough cookie, she’s slowly becoming my snuggle buddy. The hollering for attention has become less as we’ve found our routine too – thankfully. Our poor neighbors.


Meet Miss Maple, named ironically because her mothers name was “Waffles.” It just made sense. 

Maple is a lovely dappled full size Nubian doeling. We brought her to the farm at 8 weeks old and quickly learned she jumps! High. The goat stalls are not tall enough to keep her in, so for now the group is living in one of my horse stalls.

I wasn’t planning on breeding Maple but her breeder has requested an offspring if we do. She is a little skittish because she was dam raised, but we are quickly winning her over with animal crackers. This girl will do anything for an animal cracker!


Oh, peanut… meet our sweet little Boer bottle babe. Peanut was purchased from a neighbor (and new friend) who was house raising him. Peanut was the runt of triplets and wasn’t expected to make it. Boer’s are often raised for their meat, but who could even think about hurting that sweet little face! Uh, and those ears….

Spoiled as Peanut is, he’s quite the character and is as chill as you can ask. He tolerates Mae’s butts and runs around with the dogs like he’s, well a dog. Boer male goats can grow up to be 200 to 300 lbs, but we’re not really sure how big Peanut will end up since he was the runt. I just wish he’d stay this little forever…


Last but not least, meet Mr. Edgar. This little love bug was a complete accident. The day I went to pick up Peanut I met Edgar, only 3 day old at the time. Edgar is a our second Nigerian Dwarf, but he was an orphan.

Edgar’s mother lost her life giving birth to him. He was named “Raven.” It only felt logical to name him Edgar’s – after Edgar Allen Poe, the famous Baltimore writer. Since Peanut and Edgar were both bottle babies together, they had bonded. Now you know why I couldn’t simply leave Edgar behind! 

Quickly, this tiny little boy has become a farm favorite. He is as dossille and as laid back as they come. Often chasing after the dogs on the farm, is has been the only goat that has been in the house! Fearless and mighty, this little nugget is the bestest of boys.

Well, there you have it. Our little Trip of goats. I can’t wait to show you all the trouble they get into. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram. I often post updates and all their antics there… 

Oh, and we have a surprise addition coming in June. Stay tuned!


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