Inspiring Farmhouse Office Decor

I am currently “re-fabing” (my new word – definition: renovating/rehabbing something to make it fabulous) my own farmhouse office decor. See below…

This means I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration. There are some great bloggers out there sharing their farmhouse office decor and I wanted to give them some credit. 

Below I’ve highlighted my favorite farmhouse office spaces guaranteed to inspire you and get you re-fabbing your own office space in no time.

My first pick is from Suzy over at My Creative Days I adore the industrial look of this office decor. The simple old mattress frame creatively turned into a wall organizer provides wonderful storage solutions. I also love this Army green writing desk and matching lighting sconces.

Simple is sometimes better. The black accents on the natural wood really sets this space apart. I’m a sucker for a good organizational pegboard too! What a great set up for smaller spaces to maximize functional storage and decor.

Oh all the feels! This bright and airy look speaks to my heart. Liz over at Love Grows Wild has the most beautiful office space. The natural wood and bright natural light makes this one of my favorite spaces! If you don’t mind, I’ll be helping myself to that cup of joe and that big comfy chair, thank you!

Now this is a workstation! Th combination of modern farmhouse and rustic metals really set this space apart. Sarah over at Sarah Joy Blog really knows how to design a functional space. You have storage and design that is creative and unique to this space.

Looking for a little more elegant spin on your office decor? Check out this gorgeous office from Worthing Court. Accented with deep charcoal and french blues, this modern farmhouse space has all the function and storage you could ever need. 

Obviously, Sarah from Sarah Joy Blog is one of my biggest inspirations. Her spaces are so well layered and put together. Whenever I’m a little creatively stuck, I turn to her for inspiration! This beautiful little white desk may just be my favorite with all the cubby storage.

I’ll admit, I’m usually not a green (the color) fan. However, how can you not fall in love with this green cabinet? If I had an studio space, I’m totally turning to Miss Mustard Seed’s site for inspiration. Her love for old and new items and integrating them together to make a harmonious space is her specialty. I just want to pull out some watercolors and paint!

Now this is some serious workspace! Traci over at Beneath My Heart made this beautiful desk from an 8′ piece of butcher block. This space has plenty of functional storage and table top working space. I’m so jealous over all that desk space!

I’m hoping you gained some creative ideas from these beautiful farmhouse inspired office decor. I have to commend these ladies for their wonderful work and beautiful spaces.

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