The Organized Life: Under the Bathroom Sink

bathroom chalk painted vanity

First off, Happy 2019! I hope everyone has recovered and life is slowly getting back to normal.

Bringing in the new year in style, I’ve decided my New Year’s resolution is going to be a more organized life!

Running with that idea, I’ve decided to start a monthly series. I’m called it The Organized Life.” With this series I plan on posting about areas of my life I decided needed a little face lift. Not only to be beautiful but functional. So with that said, this month I decided to address the dreaded area under the bathroom sink! 

Who doesn’t struggle with bathroom organization? Does anyone else’s sink look like this disaster? I swear I’m really more organized than this… really most of the time.

messy area under bathroom sink
messy and disorganized area under the bathroom sink

Clearly, bathroom organization was the perfect place to start my mission.

The Purge

Ok, not that kind of purge (for those movie buffs out there.)

However, Duncan’s face says it all right here. Time to pull all that stuff out and start purging, sorting and organizing.

blue bins from the dollar store and dog

I recently purchased these cool bins from The Dollar Store, which came in handy to start the sorting. I divided everything into 4 categories: cleaning supplies, skincare, hair care, and medicine.

Anything that wasn’t needed got pitched. If I use it I kept it, if I didn’t it got the boot. Honestly, there was stuff I hadn’t seen in years under there.  It’s a wonderful feeling once the dust settled and I had less clutter.

organized bathroom items in bins
bathroom organization sorting items

{Duncan approves the organization…}

The Finished Project

Here’s the finished result! {Go ahead, admit it… you want to ohhhh and aaahhhh.}

full organized bathroom vanity

Everything has a place and there’s actually room for more. Just in case down the road I added a plus one…

DIY bathroom storage solutions

On the one side, to utilize vertical storage space, I made a storage bin tower. Then, I made the little shelf on the right, again giving me more storage options. Altogether, these two projects that took me less than 3 hours to complete with some leftover scraps of wood I had around the house.

blue bathroom vanity

On the other side, I decided to use these small bins, attaching them to the vanity door using command hooks. This was a good non-committal option if I wanted to change it down the road. To hang heavier items, I used larger command hooks down the side of the cabinet. Again, maximizing vertical storage options. 

Lastly, I wanted to minimize having to squat down and reach into the back of the vanity for products in the way back. Nothing like being late for work and having to go hunt.

My solution was to make a Double Tier Lazy Susan. It works perfectly in this space. It allows me to have easy access to all the things. No more frustration of rummaging through various things looking for what you want. Just give it a quick spin and there it appears!

lazy susan
bathroom storage solutions
organized vanity cabinet door
Organized area under bathroom sink

Well there you have it folks! The first installment of “The Organized Life” is complete.

I’m love my new bathroom organization. It makes life so much easier. A great clean start to the new year! Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this momentum up. Fingers crossed!

Make sure you stay tuned and follow along throughout 2019. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired a little too.

Cheers all,


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