Deer Head with Floral Crown

Deer Head Skull with Floral Crown | Maria Louise Design

Sometimes you get distracted. Sometimes you get a creative block. I think I’ve had a little of both recently!

September through October is one of the busiest best times of year!  No, it’s not just because of pumpkin spice and all things nice! {Although, I do enjoy myself a pumpkin chi tea or latte here and there!} Commonly known as “indoors” in the horse world, Bravo and I have qualified to compete at the Washington International Horse Show. I’m very honored and privileged to be able to do this show one last time on the old man. 

With all that said, I have been juggling the home projects, prepping for the show ring, and trying to maintain some sort of personal life. It’s all about balance as they say… did I mention I’m terrible at juggling? Who else tends to take on the world, then realize there is simply never enough hours in the day? Of cups of coffee!

Deer Head Skull with Floral Crown | Maria Louise Design

I promised a little addition to my fall mantel. I have always wanted to do a floral crown deer head skull. Like, for years! Fortunately, I now have a friend who is skilled and can provide such things. He sorta struggled to part with one of his pieces, but after much persuasion he reluctantly gifted me one of his skulls. 

Deer Head Skull with Floral Crown | Maria Louise Design

Once given the raw skull, I cleaned it really well with a little bleach and a scrub brush. Next, I painted the skull with some matte flat white paint I had around the house. Purchasing a wood plaque from Michael’s, I mounted the skull with a picture frame hook and picture frame wire. Lastly, I hot glued artificial flowers (also purchased from Michael’s on sale) to the crown area of the skull. Overall, this  piece took all of a few hours to put together!

Deer Head Skull with Floral Crown | Maria Louise Design

I can’t get enough of the neutral pallet of mauve and teals and mute oranges for this fall season!

Deer Head Skull with Floral Crown | Maria Louise Design
Deer Head Skull with Floral Crown | Maria Louise Design

Overall, I’m pretty pleased how he turned out. I’m certain he’ll make appearances in this home for years to come! The best part was winning over the significant other. He loved the look so much he is ready to hand over more beauties. Let the creative ways to bedazzle taxidermy begin! 

It feels good to be back. I hope ya’ll are having an amazing start to the fall season. I promise I’ll be posting more soon.



Deer Head Skull with Floral Crown | Maria Louise Design


4 thoughts on “Deer Head with Floral Crown”

  1. How did you get the mount to be able to stick to the glass. My daughter shot her first buck and I want to do something similar for her bedroom

    1. I have used a command hook and strung it using some twine I had. I’ve also driven some nails into the old window frame when recreating this look for a friend! See what works for you and if you feel it’s light enough for a heavy duty command hook or not.

      Congrats on helping your daughter hang your first mount. What a success!



  2. I really love this piece! Do you sell items? If so how much would you charge for something along these lines?

    1. Cassie,

      I haven’t thought about selling them because to have a hunter give up such a quality mount is difficult all in itself! I have seen them across etsy though. I might look there first!


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