Affordable Farmhouse Style Rugs

Area rugs can really influence the overall feeling of your space. They can really add a layer of comfort and also draw the eye to the best parts of a room. Recently. I have been hunting for a large farmhouse style rug to compliment my living room space. 

Since I moved in, I’ve always had a jute style run, but after replacing my second rug in three years, I’ve decided to go a different direction. While I love the style and texture that jute rugs provide, it’s rather difficult to keep clean. With three doggos running around makes it difficult to keep anything clean!

While hunting for the perfect rug, I decided to create a collection of my favorite farmhouse style area rugs to share with you today. The best part of this collection beyond the beautiful textures and colors, is they are all SUPER AFFORDABLE! No, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve the home you desire.

Take a gander, I am certain you’ll find a farmhouse style rug that compliments your space in this collection!

Farmhouse style rug with ivory and blue accents

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Tips for Picking The Perfect Rug

Along with sharing these beautiful rugs, I wanted to share a few tips for picking the perfect area rug for your space. I have learned some of these the hard way, so please, learn from my mistakes. It will save your $$$ and keep you from having buyers remorse!

1. Decide What is the Rugs Purpose. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, rugs need to be functional. This means, if you are purchasing a runner, you want it to consider tracking or the backing of the rug to make sure it’s non-slip. If the rug is in a high traffic area, then you want to consider the ply, pile thickness, and material it’s made from. Is it stain resistant? Can the carpet be cleaned with a carpet shampooer? Taking these things into consideration before you purchase will insure that you are picking the right rug for you.

2. Pick Something You LOVE. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t settle for something “more affordable” or something that’s “almost like what I want.” You’ll always regret it. If that means holding off until there’s a great sale, or a coupon, or a great sale AND a coupon than do just that. But please, don’t buy something close to what you want, buy what you LOVE!

3. Buy the right size for your space. I know, sounds simple. However, I cannot tell you how many times I have measured, tried to justify, bought a smaller size to save money, and then hated it. The worst part is having to look at it everyday and learn to live with something I didn’t love. Everytime I walked into that room it was the first thing I noticed. Ugh! So please, make sure you measure 20 times if you need to, and use this size guide or this simple guide to help you choose the perfect size rug for your space. 

    • Looking for a rug for your dining area? One of my favorite tips for this space is to make sure you pull your chairs out and then measure. This will ensure your guests don’t get hung up on the rug when attempting to get into or out of their seats.

    • Even thought of layering rugs? Buying a larger outdoor rug and placing a smaller rug on top will allow you to interchange you style without the overall expense.

    • Circles or Rectangles? There’s no right or wrong. Go to Pinterest and search a little to see what styles inspire you before making your final decision.

4. Find your Style. Don’t be afraid of going for something different. If you like a little color, do it! If you want a bold print, go for it. Is leopard your thing, go for it! No really, this is your opportunity to make a statement and share your own personal style!

I hope this collection of farmhouse style area rugs have helped you find an affordable and beautiful rug for your space! 

I also hope these simple tips have helped remove some of your worries when choosing your new area rug. 




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    1. Brooke,

      Oh, I’m so glad you saw something you like! If you hover over the rug you like it’s hyperlinked to the source. Just click and it will take you to the site. If you have any troubles, please let me know and I’ll make sure you can find the rug you’re loving.

      Happy Shopping!



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