The Organized Life: The Modern Farmhouse Pantry

Hello all! Welcome to the second addition of my monthly installment, “The Organized Life.

Little backstory… I developed this series to share with you all, the many spaces in house that need a little functional renovation {ok, some need major overhauls, who am I kidding?!} My motto has become, a home should not only be beautiful but functional” Raise your hand if you agree!

The first post of this series was The Organized Life: Under the Bathroom Sink. It was such a dramatic change and huge relief to have this space finally organized.  I suddenly became motivated to do even more. I must say, organizing is actually very rewarding. 

Soon after, I made a huge list of all the areas in my home I wanted to include in this series. {It’s a very loooooong list friends…}

This month, I decided the kitchen pantry needed to be addressed. I have been dying to renovate the space since I bought this house in 2013. It just didn’t reflect the modern farmhouse style seen throughout the rest of the house. Plus, who loves wire shelving that bends when you put stuff on it? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

To start this whole project, we first removed everything out of the pantry. {I can hord so much in such a small space!}

Next was my favorite part, I got to remove all the wire shelves! Off to the trash with those stupid things! We then spackled the remaining holes, let them dry, an sanded to make them flush. You can’t even tell they existed. 

To add a little character, I decided to install beadboard on the back wall of the pantry. Immediately after, we caulked all the crevices and cracks. I then painted the entire inside of the pantry using Behr Premium Plus Paint in Pure White. This paint it gave the inside a great flat/matte finish.

While the paint dried, I cut 1×10 and 1×12 boards to use as shelves. Each board was sanded and stained, giving them a beautiful rustic finish. 

After 24 hours, when everything was dry, I finally got to install the shelves. Using 1×2’s for brackets, this provided an inexpensive solution while also giving that farmhouse look I desired.

Finally, it was time to organize! 

I purchased quite a few glass containers from Amazon and used my silhouette cameo to make these great labels. Without doubt, I now have a container for everything in my kitchen. 

Naturally, I used my Inexpensive Wooden Crates to organize my balsamic oils and vinegars. In case you wanted to make your own wooden crates, head over and check out the post {spoiler alert: I used $.98 paint sticks to make these!}

vintage glass door knob

Last but not least, I have to share my favorite little detail of this pantry. Don’t you just love this little doorknob? I nabbed this beauty from a restoration salvage store we have locally for $40. 

I believe it gives this door the vintage charm this builder’s grade home lacked. Now, if you wanted one of your own, don’t worry! These little guys are in reproduction. You can purchase one online. Also, if you’re worried about the hardware being compatible with your current hardware, they make conversion kits! 

So there it is, in all the organized glory. I must confess, this space has no adequate lighting so I apologize for the less than stellar photography. The photos don’t really do the finished space justice. 

All in all, here’s to a more organized life {lifting my… much deserved… very needed… glass of wine to you all}, cheers lovelies! 

Till next time.



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