beautiful fuzzy and healthy new roots on a plant cutting grown in LECA

How to Convert Plants to LECA: A Semi Hydroponic System

Semi-hydroponics – or “semi-hydro” – is growing plants without the use of organic soil medium. Typically, LECA (lightweight expandable clay aggregate) is the preferred growing medium for this type of setup. It is rather easy to convert plants to LECA or a semi-hydroponic system, and many plants tolerate the conversion surprisingly well. I actually started …

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DIY Deck Planter

Standing Herb Planter

Nothing says spring like an herb garden! Follow this basic build tutorial and learn how to build your own standing herb planter. | Maria Louise Design |

#garden #herbs #growsomething #DIY #woodworking #buildingplans #deck #outdoorspace #planters

DIY concrete flower pots

Concrete Flower Pot Tutorial

Happy Monday all! Here is a quick DIY to transform inexpensive terracotta pots to go with your farmhouse decor. Follow along with our two different techniques to give your new plants a little different look this spring.

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