The Best Places To Buy Farmhouse Decor

Amazon – Lets be honest, what DOESN’T Amazon sell? If you have prime, it’s a fantastic go to for simple items. I usually look for linens, lighting, light fixtures, and hardware on Amazon first. Their prices typically beat all other venders, and if you contact a seller, they’ll often match a price! Wahoo!

I even purchased all the faucets and fixtures for my bathrooms from Amazon. Easy, fast and safe shipping is always a plus… quick returns are even better! I love moving through the reviews and the Q&A section to help me determine if the item is what I’m looking for and if others have been satisfied. It’s my golden compass when determining what’s available out there.


Overstock – RUGS! My favorite place to go for all things flooring! Just like Amazon, the reviews really help me in making a decision. Matching grays is the worst and not all neutrals are considered equal. Again, the reviews often help guide my decision to purchase or not. A huge bonus is they have excellent customer service! I’ve had to exchange a very large rug and it was painless. The gentleman was a joy to talk to. The next day it was off and I received my replacement within two business days.


Facebook Marketplace – Ok, this one was new to me. I had never really thought about using this till our dresser debacle. I needed a dresser for my guest bedroom {which you can read more about it here} and had exhausted all my favorite options for finding cheap furniture to refurbish. To boot, I was running out of time! One day I accidentally clicked onto the Marketplace and poof, the first image was an antique dresser. Thanks Facebook for stalking all my Google searches and breaching my personal data.

But honestly, you can find some good stuff on there. The social media powerhouse is good for something. People use it because it’s easy, so try it out! Never know what you’ll find.

Flea Markets/Yard Sales – I feel like this is a no brainer. My little spiel regarding this is remember, there’s a rise in flea markets and yard sales come spring, so make sure you’re ready and raring to go! They happen often and can be overwhelming. My favorite way to prioritize this way of shopping is to join social media groups. There’s millions out there! Recently, I’ve met a few people who also like to go as well, so we help each other out by tagging one another in Facebook pages announcing their sale dates and times. Huge help!


Antique Stores – I’m not a huge fan of this type of shopping avenue, but on occasion I have found a few good nuggets of gold. I typically guide people away from larger antique dealers and mall because of their tendency to be overpriced! The dealers tend to try to make back their costs of renting through elevation in their prices. Understandable. However, my budget just won’t allow it. I am willing to add it to this list because to date my favorite piece of décor in my home are some old, weathered and worn, and forgotten postcards {read more here}. At $0.25 to $1.25 a card, it was a great purchase. One of the best little additions to my guest bedroom décor! So, occasionally, on a rainy day, we’ll venture to some and walk through. I’m not afraid of a little time spent digging around.

Goodwill – Hit or miss, but if you go in with low expectations, then you’ll always find something! This is one of my go to places when I’m looking for a Pinterest inspired DIY! Spray paint and some sand paper can take an old pair of laps so far! If you are a creative mind like me, this is a honey hole! Find some old pitchers, plates, pots, and pans and pay little to nothing for them!


Craigslist – I use this avenue with a little caution. I’ve found some good pieces of architectural salvage, furniture, old barnwood, and much more on Craigslist. But buyers beware. Since meeting in a common place isn’t always feasible for purchasing larger items, I always use the buddy system. Take a friend; make sure you’re comfortable with the location and the person you’re buying from. Use your common sense and intuition. It’s a great place to buy and sell all sorts of items.

Again, know your prices. Some people don’t know what they have, they just guess at a price. It may not reflect the market price on that item. Throughout time you’ll gain a little reference catalogue of what a good price on an item you’ve been hunting for. I also suggest hunting on Craigslist often. Original and unique things appear on here and they are quick to go! Other dealers and sellers are on the hunt just as you are, they’re quick to snatch the reasonably prices, good items up.


Ask Family and Friends – Lastly, don’t be afraid to let your family and friends know what you’re hunting for! I have many of friends who love the same things I do. So when I see something I know a friend been hunting for, I quickly snap a photo and send a message! This honor system has helped me gain some much searched for items! The more eyes out for the prize the quicker the reward {humm…I’m not sure that’s exactly how it goes, but you guys get me, right?!}.


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