Cast & Crew

These guys will constantly be features in my blogging adventures. I figured it would help to introduce them and put a name to those bad little faces cute little faces. Let me introduce my cast of characters…


The First Child…


This is not my first horse, no, but he will forever be the best thing that has ever happened to me. While in graduate school I was given the opportunity to lease him, allowing me some additional income. This is where the whole story starts. With those funds, I was gifted the opportunity to purchase my first home. Not only did I purchase a complete renovation opportunity, I had a small budget to begin much needed renovations without increasing my interest rate and utilizing a 203k home improvement loan. {What a hassle!}

Bravo is my #1. He’s my partner in most everything important in this world. He picks me up, challenges me physically and mentally and has provided me some of the best joys of my life. His likes: food! His dislikes: work, girths, hot weather, work, blankets, trailers and going anything faster than snail speed {did I mention work?}


The Biggest House Dweller…


Let me introduce Marmaduke 2.0. I’ve had Danes my entire life, this one takes the cake. He is as goofy as they come! He will fall up the stairs as equally as down. He is the barker of all things, particularly the TV when anything resembling an animal pops on the screen. He is the holder of the couch, the counter surfer pro and the biggest baby you’ve ever seen. His expressions will speak for themselves!


The Hunter….


Duncan, named for a red headed brute of a hockey player. He is my first adopted child, February 2017. Pulled from a high kill shelter from the south, I was less than certain I needed a second fur child in the house. Since then, he has become my “middle child” and has ALL the attributes of a middle child! A little special, he is my child with a high pray drive and constantly demonstrating excessively reckless speeds. He runs faster than he can turn, and never fatigues, like ever. Anyone’s guess on his bloodlines… I’m thinking Vizsla/Coonhound and something smaller! He tops the scales at 45 lbs lucky bastard. High energy, metabolism and is still skinny. We should all be so lucky!


The Comic Relief…


Then came Tanner… who ever aspires to be a crazy cat lady? Three dogs, psssh… so NOT the same, right?

In August 2017, my mother was looking to adopt a pup. Who doesn’t love puppies? I should never be left to make these kinds of decisions on my own! I knew Duncan was too energetic for my lethargic lug of a Dane and decided to adopt a third. {When is it considered hoarding?} So with my worst influences by my side, my mother and I trekked down to Middleburg, Virginia to meet up with my incredible friends that run Danny & Ron’s Rescue. They are an AMAZING non-profit dog rescue. They and had flown to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and returned with as many puppies as they could rescue. So enters “6 toe Tanner” into my life. He came with extra digits on his back dewclaws! {Bonus.} He is a lover of hugs, master of the “sploot,” completely unaware of his weight and density, sharer of my pillow/best little spoon, and simply the most loving of the pack. Just look at that face!