'Tis The Season

So the story behind this room…

After buying this beautiful mantel from Second Chances in Baltimore, my favorite architectural salvage gold mine! The mantel was previously in an old 1800s row home in the city and it was just perfect for this space, and the right price too! Once I got it home  it collected dust , took me a long time to decide exactly how I wanted to incorporate it into the front room. Everyone who walked in had an opinion. Make it a real fireplace. Don’t attach it to the wall. Make a brick hearth. Tile. Don’t Tile. OYE! So it sat there, and collected dust.

Thanks to a little creativity and Pinterest ideas, I had an idea. After the undertaking that was its creation and installation had become, the mad rush to finish this room in time for Christmas began. My momma gave me a couch, unrolled that beautiful carpet I ordered 5 months prior,  and quickly refinished an old piece I had turning it into a coffee table. Added few odds and ends and POOF! Consider the front room done.

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