Spring in Bloom

Well, although it doesn’t FEEL like spring outside I’ve been anxious to turn the house around. So while battling snow flurries and blustery winds, I went to Michael’s for their mega sale. I managed to spend {always} more than I had desired but justified it by knowing everything I purchased way 60% off! Anyone else a “justifier?” Hands? Ok, so maybe just me. I have learned over the years, when I have a project in mind, it’s OK to purchase everything I think I need. I can always return. But nothing stinks more than to sit down to create and to be one item short, having to pack it all back up {put the bra back on} and head back out to the store. Drat! Needless to say, four bags of flowers, pots, and digging around my home for other odds and ends… I had PLENTY to create this new look. I LOVE IT!

Here’s a peek into my home for Spring 2018.

Thanks to Erin over at Cotton Stem, I’ve been dying to recreate her “hoop wreath” DIY and incorporate them in my own home decor. Check out my post about creating these Hoop Wreaths for not only the mantel but also the upstairs bedrooms. {Swoon!}

Hope you enjoyed and maybe even got a few bits of inspiration!


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