10 Tips to Easy Travel + Free Checklist

Currently, I’m sitting at the airport waiting on my flight to Vegas to attend the Photoshop World! {More on that later… make sure you follow me on Instagram!} 

While I’m killing time, I wanted to share with you all my Top 10 Tips for Easy Travel. I’m not a frequent traveler so come time I get a little anxious. I wanted to give you guys some of the best travel tips out there to help your adventures go smoothly and pain free.

1. Before You Pack, Check What's Provided

Most destinations provide amenities that will lessen your packing needs. Often, hotels and even Airbnbs will provide hair dryers, toiletries, and beach towels which can save you space in your suitcase. Why pack yours when it’s already going to be provided?

2. What to Wear

It all depends on your destination location, but I always make sure to check the weather and pack accordingly. 

This means for the weather inside and out! Airports AND airplanes can be hot or cold, so plan for layers. While traveling, wear clothing you’ll be comfortable in, and ditch the belt and accessories. It’ll just slow you down in the security line.

3. Lose the Jewelry

Ok, ok, you’re an instagram influencer and you want all the things to come with you for your epic selfies during your vacation. However, fight the urge to pack or wear a lot of jewelry. 

First, it’s easy to lose your favorite pair of earrings while traveling. Keeping track of all those little unmentionables can be difficult. Second, it is a challenge to keep everything from being a tangled mess. Unless you have one of these to pack your favorite little accessories. 

4. Wear Slip-Ons

Make your life a little easier and wear your favorite pair of slip-ons when you travel. This will keep you moving smoothly through the security line, making your travels a little less stressful.

Don’t want your bare feet touching the floor, put on a pair of no show socks and solve that problem.

4. Have Luggage as Unique as You

The baggage claim area can look like a sea of blue, black and occasionally maroon bags. To make you grab-n-go easier, having a uniquely colored bag helps. Don’t want to buy new luggage? Tie brightly color ribbon or something you’ll easily identify. Both techniques will help you identify your luggage and it will also ensure someone else won’t walk with your bag by mistake.

I absolutely LOVE my new Samsonite Winfield Hardside Luggage. It’s deep teal color makes it easy to find and even easier to locate, snatch and go in baggage claim. This may be the easiest travel tip out there.

5. Four Wheels Are Better Than Two

The luggage you use to travel matters. It will make your life much easier if you have a four wheel suitcase, that changes directions easily vs. one that you have to pull behind you. We all know planes are just getting smaller, four wheel suitcases make it easier to navigate these tight spaces.

6. Keep Your Laptop Acessiable

When going through security, you typically need to take out your laptop, To smoothly move through the security line, make sure your laptop is easily accessible. You’ll also appreciate easy access if you want to retrieve it from the overhead storage, and so will everyone else traveling with you.

7. Bring a Portable Charger

Your smartphone is going to be your number one travel companion. After all it is where most people access their tickets, help navigate your new destination and finding an Uber. The last thing you need is a dead battery. 

While most airports have charging stations, they are often crowded. Traveling with a portable charger is always a good idea. I use Anker’s PowerCore high capacity charger. This device was a must buy for me simply because it has two USB ports allowing me to charge more than one device at a time!

8. Organized Packing

One of the best things I’ve run across has been luggage cubes. These lightweight and waterproof storage cubes help organize the contents of your suitcase, reducing bulk and easing the packing process. 

Now this speaks to my need to be organized as I travel, but most importantly I like having the ability to separate my dirty from clean items as I travel. 

9. Downsize Toiletries

If you are planning on skipping the check in bag, remember your toiletries must be 3.4oz in clear containers. Most people don’t have 3.4oz of their beloved beauty products on hand. Check Ulta or Target for travel size portions of your favorite produces.

To save myself the money and the trouble, I purchased some reusable Go Toobs. Now all I need to do is simply fill/refill them with my favorite products and go. Easy to clean and reuse, these little guys are a travel must.

10. Bring A Refillable Bottle

Nowadays, in efforts to reduce plastic consumption, almost all airports {and even some hotels} offer free water bottle fill up stations. Bring an empty container and once through security fill up. Some airports even offer free hot water so you can make your own tea. 

Save yourself the $4 for a small bottle of water and while you’re at it do a little something for the environment, pack your own bottle.

Well, there’s my top 10 Travel Tips to Make Your Travels Easy Peasey! 

Oh, my last suggestion… minimize packing anxiety and USE A PACKING CHECKLIST. Sounds silly, but right before a big trip your mind will be whirling with all the great things you’re about to experience. You might not be as focused on what you need for your grand adventure. Pack with purpose!

Great thing you know an awesome blogger {totally joking} that has one for you. Don’t worry friend, I got your back. Click the link to download your own copy. 

If you are already a subscriber, you can access my free library anytime, just click the printable library link found at the bottom of all of my emails. Your password is located in the email as well.

I really hope these 10 tips for easy travel help you on your next adventure! Happy traveling my friends! Till next time…. and if you want to follow my adventures at Photoshop World and Vegas as a whole, follow me on Instagram!






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