Please, Let Me Introduce to You…

Hey friends. Sorry I’ve been a little absent this week. However, I do have great news! I have been given a fantastic new job opportunity. Yay! The downside is I have recently been consumed with copious amounts of paperwork. All necessary, but it’s also kept me from my free time with ya’ll!

So, with all that craziness that’s going around here, I have to say I feel super loved and supported.

That love and support has mostly come from my adoring significant other. He has made an appearance here at Maria Louise Design, but we had previously agreed to wait to introduce him to the platform of readers for a while. I decided to finally share him with you all. So, without further adieu… it is my privilege to introduce to you all, Richard!

Rich has been behind the scenes here for a little while, but has become a pivotal part of me being able to chase my dream as a blogger, become a clinical director of a outpatient physical therapy clinic again, continue to pursue my passion of riding and competing, and well… keeping me from going completely insane!

He’s been a part of the build processes and the doer of all the math! To learn more about Rich and how we met, head over to our About page.

I’m excited and blessed to have Richard in my life, and more excited to have him share with you some great things here at MLD. Stay tuned folks, occasionally I’ll be handing over the reins to this stud. He’ll be guiding you guys through some great home renovation and simple upgrades you can do to your own homes. 

As always, we’re diligently working on some interesting and new projects so stay tuned!





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    1. Oh Meg, I love that. My mother is AWESOME! I’ll add your email to our list. Thank you so much for reading and following along.



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