DIY Hoop Wreath

Hey ladies and gents! Welcome to my FIRST blog post! {Squeal} Aren’t you excited??!

Ok, seriously though. I’m excited to bring a little spring in your life, ironically on the first day of spring. {Not so ironically…}

Who doesn’t LOVE Erin’s hoop wreath idea over at Cotton Stem? Ok, like who doesn’t LOVE Erin period. She has a mostly white house with 4 small children. Wow! Not to mention her amazing sense of design and style. Right up my alley. But I digress… I really wanted some of her hoop action going on in my house. So I set off to Pinterest for some inspiration and developed an attack plan still had no idea what I wanted to do. Still.

Step 1. Order some embroidery hoops. Nailed it. Amazon, on my way to work, in the rain, stuck in traffic. {Disclaimer: apparently you can find these at local thrift stores for relatively cheap! But who can resist Amazon primes two-day shipping when you’re plotting weekend crafts on a…Thursday!} So I’ve linked the two items I ended up ordering. Various sizes from 10.5” to 4.5” just for reference.

Step 2. Go to Michael’s and purchase all the pretty flowers you can carry an array of greenery in various textures, sizes and colors you feel may be appropriate. No honestly, I bought the whole damn store. It was 60% off all spring florals, so I “stocked up” as if that was a thing for artificial flowers. I lugged in three oversized bags of flowers and greenery! {I did end up taking 1/3 of it back for a nice refund. I just wanted to make sure everything in the house was covered in flowers I had enough for my little projects.}

Step 3. Wrangle the glue gun, wire nippers, jute twine, and nails…

Step 4. CREATE!

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I literally had no idea how I was going to construct these little gems, but I totally dig how they came out! Lots of snipping, gluing, cursing, arranging and then rearranging went into the making of these little guys. The mantel was the initial inspiration. So various sizes and arrangements gives my décor texture and layers. I just LOVE the way these little beauties came out.

Last, but certainly not least. I wanted to put my own spin on this whole hoop wreath thing. I have three doors upstairs and I’ve been searching for something that is uniform but unique. So I made three similar yet variable wreaths to put on them. I have to say; it brings a little smile to my face every time I walk up the staircase! These cute little guys are just adorning their respectful rooms, being as inviting as all getup. I’m so excited to have the joy of spring trickle up from the living spaces downstairs into the upper floors.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed this little tutorial. Again, hop on over and check out Erin’s site Cotton Stem. I’m certain you’ll love what she’s done as much as I do!

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